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Vietnamese studies program

Vietnamese Studies Program Major in Vietnamese Language, Culture and Society


  1. Introduction

Vietnamese Studies is an interdisciplinary study of the Vietnamese nation and its people. The Vietnamese Studies program, majoring in Vietnamese Language, Society, and Culture at Ton Duc Thang University is a program to prepare foreign students to meet the demand for Vietnam specialists in Vietnam and abroad.

The Vietnamese Language, Culture and Society program at Ton Duc Thang University has the following characteristics:

  • The program provides a comprehensive knowledge of Vietnamese Language, Society, and Culture;
  • The program comprises many new and contemporary topics, compatible with the development of society and meeting the needs of international integration;
  • The program includes communication skills, working skills (teamwork, event-organizing skills, etc), and extra-curricular activities, to help students gain confidence in their knowledge and abilities in an integrated multicultural environment;
  • The program is designed to emphasize practical and soft skills of the students, while also encouraging self-study and life-long learning.
  1. Overview of the program

  • The length of the program: 03.5 years (07 semesters)
  • Tuition fee: VND 38,000,000/student/year
  • Content:
  • 131 credits (40 compulsory subjects and 05 elective subjects) on the language, country and people of Vietnam. In the first 02 semesters, students focus on Vietnamese.
  • Field trip and report (in 7th semester)
  • Graduate Internship (in the last semester)
  • Thesis/ Graduation Examination (in the last semester)
  • Participating in extracurricular activities, scientific research, seminars
  • Language of instruction: Vietnamese
  • Degree: Bachelor of Vietnamese Studies – Major in Vietnamese Language, Culture and Society
  1. Targeted Audiences

Foreigners or Vietnamese foreigners who are interested in learning about Vietnamese culture and language; pass high school graduation examination or equivalent; have the Certificate of Vietnamese Language Proficiency, level A2.

  1. Graduation

Graduates of the Vietnamese Studies program majoring in Vietnamese Language, Culture and Society gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • Knowledge: Students master basic, systematic, modern and practical knowledge of the Vietnamese language; and basic knowledge of the country and the people of Vietnam.
  • Skills: Students will be able to apply their knowledge of Vietnamese Studies to their work; use fluent Vietnamese in various communicative situations, both formal and informal, such as translating, researching and teaching Vietnamese; be able to continue their studies in appropriate graduate programs, especially the Vietnamese Master’s program to study and teach Vietnamese Studies;
  • Attitude: Through the learning process, hands-on practice, and extracurricular activities, graduates of the program will have a solid understanding of their professional, social and personal responsibilities; as well as the ability to communicate effectively and work collaboratively in an organization, especially within a Vietnamese team or organization.
  • IT qualifications: International MOS Certificate (750 marks)
  • Foreign language: English equivalent of IELTS 5.0 or TOEIC score of 500.
  1. Career opportunities

Graduates of the Vietnamese Studies program, majoring in Vietnamese Language, Culture and Society, will easily find suitable jobs in foreign diplomatic or international organizations; tourism and commercial companies; governmental and non-governmental organizations in need of human resources knowledgeable about Vietnam, both in Vietnam and abroad. Graduates could also work as translators and/or teach Vietnamese as a second language.