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Methods of teaching

1. Vietnamese Language - Indicators of success: CLEAR, CONFIDENT and CONCISE SPEECH

  • Visual and kinesthetic method: using visual aids and physical activities such as pictures, cartoons, objects, body language, videos, games etc to explain vocabulary or grammar.
  • Communicative-based method: conducting class activities based on realistic communication and social situation.
    Pair work and teamwork activities to promote a fun atmosphere, participation, co-operation, tolerance and healthy competition.
  • Grammar-based method: instructing from the grammar notes that are used in the topics, with practice and presenting.
  • Feedback: The homework activities are intended as an opportunity for mutual exchange and enrichment among students and between student and teacher.
    Teacher's error correction strategies vary according to the class situation.
  • Main textbooks:
    Giáo trình
    VSL 1/2/3/4, Nguyen Van Hue (eds. TranThi Minh Gioi, NguyenThi Ngoc Han, Thach Ngoc Minh); Vietnam National University - HCMC Publishing House, 2013.
    Each lesson in the textbook includes dialogue, vocabulary, grammar practice and development, task-based activities, narratives and situation dialogues to improve comprehension, and exercises to help students develop reading and writing skills. Student participation is required.

2. Vietnamese Studies:

The Vietnamese Culture Program focuses on topics such as Vietnamese cuisine, regional culture, craft village culture,

3. Tests and Certificates: Indicators of success


  • A placement test is required of students from Elementary 2 upwards.
  • Student take mid-term and final tests to track their learning progress.

Certificates: Testing of Vietnamese Language Communication Certificate

  • There are 6 levels of Vietnamese Language Communication Certificate:
  • Lower Elementary; Elementary; Upper Elementary; Lower Intermediate; Intermediate; Upper Intermediate;
  • Advanced levels: The certificate is issued according to the student’s field of study and exam mark.

Certificate of Attendance:

  • This certificate (with the number of class hours) is issued on request for students who have completed their course.
    Please note: This certificate can only be re-issued within 10 years of the last day of the course.
  • Transcript: A transcript is only issued for students who have taken the final exam. It will be signed by Center Director.