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A field trip to Mekong Delta of the students of Vietnamese Studies class

At 7 am on December 2, 2017, a group of 22 teachers and students gathered at Ton Duc Thang Gate to take the bus departing to Tien Giang, a province in the Mekong Delta. After having breakfast together in the bus, we started our collective activities with questions about the Mekong Delta, songs and lovely gifts for the students who answered correctly the questions. The activities on the car helped to create a lively atmosphere during the journey.


floating market


The first destination of our group is the Giua Vinh Kim market, the famous wholesale fruit market in the Mekong Delta.


Vinh Kim market


Some memorable photos
Some memorable photos


Some memorable photos


Korean students have some interesting experiences when exploring one of the most famous wholesale fruit markets in the Western Region.


Go to market


Next, we went along the Tien River by boats to visit the pangasius aquaculture area and learned the process of raising the fish. It was a very interesting experience for international students.


On the river


On the river




Fish farm


a visit


a visit


The pangasius pond is a huge pond containing about 650,000 fishes.
After that, the group returned to Ngu Hiep pier to visit the grapefruit farm of a family.


Vườn trái cây


Cùng nấ́u ăn


After lunch, we walked around the neighborhood of the coconut, sapodilla, milk fruit gardens... with plenty of fruits, and observed firsthand the life of people. That is interesting!


Chụp hình chung


chụp hình